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Preparatory Reading List

Preparatory Reading List - Available at University of Iceland

The first semester in the Viking and Medieval Norse Studies programme is devoted to laying the foundation for further course work and thesis research through intensive survey courses on the Old Norse-Icelandic literary corpus, the medieval history of Iceland and Scandinavia, and the Old Norse-Icelandic literary language.

As the Old Norse-Icelandic literary corpus is vast, it is important that incoming students get a head start by reading selected works in translation and acquainting themselves with the current scholarship. The preparatory reading list below is intended as a tool for incoming students preparing themselves for the Viking and Medieval Norse Studies program. It consists of three main parts: First, there are Required Preparatory Readings which incoming students are expected to have completed before starting the program. Second, there is an online course on the Medieval Icelandic Sagas that incoming students are required to complete before starting the program. Third, there are Recommended Additional Readings.

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