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Erasmus+ research and traineeship grants for graduate students

Graduate students can apply for an Erasmus+ grant to undertake research or a traineeship at an institution or enterprise in Europe. This is an ideal opportunity for master’s and Ph.D. students to work on a final research or thesis project abroad in collaboration with other universities in Europe.

Students apply for the grant at the International Office. The application deadline is April 1 each year. Late applications are accepted, but applications submitted before the deadline enjoy priority over later ones.

Grant amounts:

  • Travel grants of 275-820 €, depending on destination
  • Subsistence allowance of 640-690 € per month, depending on destination

Conditions of allocation:

  • Minimum stay is 2 months and maximum stay is 12 months for the regular traineeship and for the short term mobility it is 5-30 days.
  • Students prepare an Erasmus + traineeship agreement in consultation with their supervisor and doctoral committee if applicable. The agreement shall outline the purpose of their stay and how it will be evaluated as part of their degree qualification
  • Students may pursue a traineeship after graduation as long as their application has been submitted before graduating from the University of Iceland and their stay ends within 12 months from graduation

The student’s supervisor at UI and supervisor at the receiving institution must sign the traineeship agreement before the application is submitted to the International  Office. Note that students themselves must provide the supervisor at the receiving institution in consultation with their supervisor at the University.