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Sprotamýri - the University of Iceland's Start-up and Entrepreneurship Centre

Sprotamýri - the University of Iceland's Start-up and Entrepreneurship Centre - Available at University of Iceland

Are you working on an innovative idea? Would you like to grow in Sprotamýri in Gróska? 

Sprotamýri is the Entrepreneurship Centre of the University of Iceland, where students and staff can get facilities and assistance from support entities such as KLAK - Icelandic Startups and the Science Park while working on their innovative ideas, free of charge. Sprotamýri has 12 tables in an open workspace that are allocated three times a year, for the spring semester, autumn semester and during the summer. Sprotamýri, is located in Mýrin - the innovation center of the University of Iceland Science Parks in Gróska.

The free facilities and assistance are open for applications. The application form can be found here. The deadline for the summer semester is 17 May, 2024.

At the Centre you may find many of the primary movers of the innovation ecosystem such as Icelandic Startups, Auðna-TTO and Iceland Design and Architecture, in addition to a number of start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The University of Iceland aims to create a fruitful and supportive environment for students and staff to work on their innovative ideas.

For further information, please contact Oddur Sturluson, Project Manager at the Division of Science and Innovation: