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Internships are offered as of Spring 2018 with the UN Association in Iceland, and the EU Delegation in Iceland. These positions are advertised by the Faculty of Political Science. Students may also have access to internships at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Such positions will then be advertised in the same manner.
An internship can consist of 160hrs/4weeks (6ECTS) or 320hrs/8weeks (12ECTS) (with the exception of the MFA). It may be extended if the student and organization agree. A student can only have internships count towards a maximum of 12ECTS towards their degree. The work may be completed part-time over the course of a single academic year. In addition to the work performed for the organization in question, the student must provide the faculty with a confirmation of hours worked and submit a journal to the Faculty of Political Science upon completion of the internship.

Students in International Affairs may apply to have other internships recognized for credit. Such an application must be approved by the Faculty before the internship starts. The requirements listed above hold for its duration. The student must demonstrate that the internship has an applied and academic link to their studies and tasks need to be listed in their application to the Faculty. Any internship completed before the student began their master’s studies in International Affairs at the University of Iceland will not be accepted for credit.

Students must have completed 45 ECTS credits before they begin their internship and if applying for the EU Delegation internship, the course ASK110F Institutions and Decision making in the European Union must be among these credits. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs requires a student to have completed 60 ECTS credits before undertaking an internship.