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Administration and Staff

Picture of Aðalheiður JóhannsdóttirAðalheiður JóhannsdóttirProfessor5254257adalheid [at]
Picture of Arnaldur HjartarsonArnaldur HjartarsonAdjunct Lecturerarnalhj [at]
Picture of Ása ÓlafsdóttirÁsa ÓlafsdóttirProfessor5255102asaolafs [at]
Picture of Ásgeir Birgir EinarssonÁsgeir Birgir EinarssonLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5527422asgeire [at]
Default image of a personÁsgerður RagnarsdóttirAdjunct Lecturerar1979 [at]
Picture of Benedikt BogasonBenedikt BogasonProfessor5103030bboga [at]
Picture of Björg ThorarensenBjörg ThorarensenProfessor5254381bjorgtho [at]
Picture of Brynhildur G FlóvenzBrynhildur G FlóvenzSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254327bryngf [at]
Picture of Davíð Þór BjörgvinssonDavíð Þór BjörgvinssonResearch Professordavidth [at]
Picture of Davíð Örn SveinbjörnssonDavíð Örn SveinbjörnssonAdjunct Lecturer5202075dos [at]
Picture of Eiríkur JónssonEiríkur JónssonProfessor5254382eirikurj [at]
Picture of Eyvindur G GunnarssonEyvindur G GunnarssonProfessor5255223egg [at]
Picture of Finnur MagnússonFinnur MagnússonAdjunct Lecturer5804400fm [at]
Default image of a personFriðrik ÁrsælssonAdjunct Lecturerfa [at]
Picture of Hafdís Helga ÓlafsdóttirHafdís Helga ÓlafsdóttirAdjunct Lecturer5458400hafdiso [at]
Picture of Hafsteinn Dan KristjánssonHafsteinn Dan KristjánssonAdjunct Lecturerhdk [at]
Picture of Hafsteinn Þór HaukssonHafsteinn Þór HaukssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254373hthh [at]
Picture of Helgi Dagbjartur Áss GrétarssonHelgi Dagbjartur Áss GrétarssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255169hag [at]
Picture of Hrefna FriðriksdóttirHrefna FriðriksdóttirProfessor5255974hrefnafr [at]
Picture of Jón Þór ÓlasonJón Þór ÓlasonLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)8962901jtho [at]
Picture of Karl AxelssonKarl AxelssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5103030kax [at]
Picture of Kristín BenediktsdóttirKristín BenediktsdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255406kristben [at]
Picture of Kristján Gunnar ValdimarssonKristján Gunnar ValdimarssonLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)7770550kgv [at]
Picture of Maria Elvira Mendez PinedoMaria Elvira Mendez PinedoProfessor5255224mep [at]
Picture of Oddný Mjöll ArnardóttirOddný Mjöll ArnardóttirResearch Professor5254386oddnyma [at]
Default image of a personPáll Sveinn HreinssonResearch Professor5254386 [at]
Picture of Pétur Dam LeifssonPétur Dam LeifssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254385peturl [at]
Picture of Ragnar Tómas ÁrnasonRagnar Tómas ÁrnasonAdjunct Lecturerrta [at]
Picture of Ragnheiður BragadóttirRagnheiður BragadóttirProfessor5254383rb [at]
Picture of Róbert Ragnar SpanóRóbert Ragnar SpanóProfessor5254386 [at]
Picture of Sigríður SvavarsdóttirSigríður SvavarsdóttirAdministrative Officer5254386sigridurs [at]
Picture of Skúli MagnússonSkúli MagnússonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5604900skulimag [at]
Picture of Stefán Már StefánssonStefán Már StefánssonProfessor Emeritus5254375sms [at]
Picture of Tómas Hrafn SveinssonTómas Hrafn SveinssonAdjunct Lecturer5780080tomashra [at]
Picture of Trausti Fannar ValssonTrausti Fannar ValssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255973tfv [at]
Picture of Valgerður SólnesValgerður SólnesLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5254618vas [at]
Default image of a personVíðir Smári PetersenAdjunct Lecturervidir [at]

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