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Internship in Environment and Natural Resources

Internship in Environment and Natural Resources - Available at University of Iceland

The interdisciplinary and international program in Environment and Natural Resources offers internship opportunities for master’s students in various organizations (NGOs, firms, institutions). The internship program is a hands-on elective course that allows students to gain practical insights into the activities of organizations related to the subjects covered in the Environment and Natural Resources program. 

Internships can have positive outcomes for both organizations and students. Organizations gain access to the latest knowledge in various fields and disciplines through students, while simultaneously enhancing their access to the future workforce and strengthening their ties to the university community. Students gain practical knowledge directly aligned with their studies, under the expert guidance of professionals. By the end of the internship, students have cultivated expertise in a specific field, expanded their professional network, and strengthened their prospects for future career opportunities. 

The Environment and Natural Resources internship is equivalent to 6 ECTS credits and corresponds to a full-time study load of three weeks (120 hours in total), which can be spread over a longer period, but no more than one semester (13 weeks). The objectives of the internship are twofold. Firstly, students work on a specific internship project that should comprise at least half of the total internship working hours. Secondly, they participate in general activities at the organization to gain insights into daily activities. Students can enroll in the course at any time outside the traditional registration periods. Grading for the course is pass/fail.