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The UI doctoral grants fund

Grants have been awarded from the UI doctoral grants fund. List

The UI doctoral grants fund is a collection of funds (The Doctoral Grants of The University of Iceland Research Fund, The Eimskip University fund and other relevant funds) that are specifically intended to support promising students in their doctoral studies at the University of Iceland and with that strenghtening the university as an international research institution and to stimulate research-based postgraduate studies.

The Board of the University of Iceland Research Funds handles the allocation of the fund. 

Who can apply?

  • Students enrolled in th PhD progremme at the UI can apply for a grant (route A). 
  • Tenured teachers and specialists can also apply for a grant for prospective PhD student (route B).
  • Students can apply based on an application to a PhD programme along with an intended supervisor (route C).  
    • Students applying via C-route must apply to PhD studies as well, see here

ATTENTION applicants can request a review of their application - please send an email to 

Application announcement for 2024

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