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Nordlys Network

The International Office manages the Nordlys network for the university and both students and staff can apply for mobility grants from the office. Students can apply for exchange studies at the partner universities in most study programmes.

Students can apply for traditional exchange semesters but also for shorter mobilities, from five days. Students have to find suitable courses offered by one of the Nordlys partners. The course must be credit-bearing and be approved by the student’s UI faculty.

Students can, for example, take summer courses or intensive courses at the host university and it is also possible to take courses at UNIS in Svalbard. 

Teachers can apply for grants for teaching at the Nordlys partner universities. This could for example be suitable for teachers who are interested in going to the Faroe Islands as the Erasmus+ programme does not support mobilities to the Faroe Islands.

More information can be found at the International Office – 

Nordlys Network website

Partner universities by country: