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Graduate School Staff

Graduate School Staff - Available at University of Iceland

Director of the Graduate School

Picture of Guðbjörg Linda RafnsdóttirGuðbjörg Linda RafnsdóttirProfessor5254237glr [at]

Graduate School Office

Picture of Guðlaug Þóra KristjánsdóttirGuðlaug Þóra KristjánsdóttirOffice Director5254090gudlaugkr [at]

Picture of Toby Erik WikströmToby Erik WikströmProject Manager5255184tew [at]

Picture of Guðjón Ingi GuðjónssonGuðjón Ingi GuðjónssonPostgraduate Studies Manager5255902gudjoni [at]

Picture of Pétur ÁstvaldssonPétur ÁstvaldssonProject Manager5254303petura [at]

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