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Student Psychology Clinic


The Department of Psychology at University of Iceland‘s  School of Health Sciences established the Student Psychology Clinic (SPC) in 2013. SPC is a training center for graduate students in clinical psychology.

At SPC graduate students under supervision provide psychological services, mainly psychotherapy. Hence, the clinic has two main roles, (i) professional training of graduate students, and (ii) providing services for university students and their children. 

At SPC we help clients, for example, to: 

  • identify and change unhelpful thoughts.
  • develop healthy lifestyles and utilize effective philosopy of life.
  • handle difficult emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, shame, and identity issues.
  • feel better.
  • reach their goals of education and other important goals. 
  • be mindfully aware.
  • be distinctive, assertive and effective in decision making.
  • avoid excessive preoccupations and ineffective behavior. 
  • develop high frustration tolerance and resilience.
  • overcome procrastinations, perfectionism and chronic worries.
  • strengthen couples-, family- and social relationships. 
  • solve various problems in raising children or adolescents.
  • make adjustment and cope with ethnic, cultural or religious issues. 

Counseling is mainly based on Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RE&CBT) and Strategic Family Therapy. It is provided in Icelandic or English language. Each therapy session costs kr. 1,500.

Clinical psychologists supervise the psychology students. 

To make an appointment at SPC you can call 856 2526. Please leave your name, number and/or e-mail address and we will get back to you.

SPC is located at:
Nýi Garður
Sæmundargata 12
102 Reykjavik

Group Therapy
In addition, we conduct a Mixed-Diagnosis Group Therapy at SPC. Group sessions are run weekly for participants, that is university students who like to work on various personal issues and/or relationship issues within group settings. Theoretically, the work is based on RE&CBT, overlapping with Existential Therapy. The group is led by dr. Birgisson and doctoral level graduate students who are receiving group therapy training. Icelandic language is used in group sessions. For further information, please send e-mail to:

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