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MIS Graduate Students 2014-2015

Bethany Louise Rogers (US)

  • Communications, BS News-editorial Journalism, University of Illinois
  • Education, MAEd (Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education), University of Phoenix 

In my undergraduate work in communications and education, I always had a fondness for medieval literature, particularly hero epics. For my master’s thesis I am hoping to study the intersection of early and medieval Norse culture and Arthurian legend.

— o —

Chip (Charles Nelson) Robinson III (US)

  • Communication, Bachelor of Science, Boston University
  • Library and Information Science, Master of Science, Simmons College
  • Scandinavian Studies, Master of Arts, University of California, Los Angeles

I was a librarian specializing in the acquisition of German, Dutch, and Scandinavian materials. While taking courses for professional development I became captivated by Old Norse language and culture in a broader Scandinavian context. I am motivated by this focused program to ground my exploration of folkloric aspects of the literature. 

— o —

Elizabeth Margaret Skuthorpe (Australia)

  • English Literature, Undergraduate Diploma of Arts (Honours), University of Sydney
  • Journalism, Bachelor of Arts in Communications, University of Technology, Sydney 

In my undergraduate studies I concentrated on Old Norse-Icelandic and Old English literature and particularly the 'outlaw' sagas of the Íslendingasögur. I am looking forward to studying medieval manuscripts, paleography and textual editing practices.

— o —

Etienne Menétrey (Switzerland)

  • Economics and Law, Swiss Academic Baccalaureate (bilingual), Lycée Collège cantonal des Creusets, Sion
  • English Language and Literature, Bachelor in English, French, Sciences of Information and Communication, Université de Neuchâtel 

As an undergraduate I have studied Linguistics, Old and Middle English, as well as French literature and Latin. I am currently thrilled about the whole Medieval Icelandic Studies programme, especially the Old Icelandic class and the reading of Sagas in the light of the historical context.

— o —

Li Tang (China)

  • French, Bachelor, Sun Yat-sen University
  • Medieval Studies, Master, Paris IV-Sorbonne 

My scholarly interests are mostly literature and philology, with an emphasis on the comparative study of French romances and Icelandic sagas. I look forward to exploring the cultural connections between the European continent and Iceland by the study of manuscripts and narratology.

— o —

Mathias Blobel (Germany)

  • Protohistoric Archaeology, Magister Artium, University of Freiburg

When I majored in early medieval archaeology I also minored in Scandinavian studies, with a focus on Old Norse. I was also an exchange student in this program in 2010. Now I've come back to actually get a degree in Old Norse. As an archaeologist I'm interested in combining literature and material evidence but also in palaeography and codicology as well as the use of literature as historical sources. And everything else, really...

— o —

Meredith Catherine Moore (Canada)

  • History, University of Copenhagen
  • History, Bachelor of Arts, University of British Columbia

As an undergrad, I studied History, focusing on the Middle Ages, and with a vested interest in the language and literature. For my masters, I've gotten an opportunity to study just that — the manuscripts and the language they were produced in.

— o —

Rachel Petra Mercer (US)

  • Anthropology, BA, Reed College 

I have a background in anthropology as well as literature and creative writing. I would like to combine these, along with my passion for Iceland, to explore how the historical literature can reveal aspects of culture and act as a bridge between the past and the present.

— o —

Rebecca Taylor Conway (US)

  • Environmental Science, English, B.A., B.A., University of Virginia

During my academic adventures as an undergraduate, I studied prosimetrum in Old Icelandic and early Irish saga narratives. Now I’m looking to examine the sagas from an ecocritical standpoint, to use literary, environmental, and archaeological information in exploring human-environment and human-resource interactions during the Middle Ages.

— o —

Roberto Pagani (Italy)

  • Scandinavian Studies and English, BA, University of Milan 

I graduated in Scandinavian languages and English focusing on linguistics and Germanic philology. I'm eager to expand my knowledge of the history of the Icelandic language and learn to work with medieval manuscripts.

— o —

Shirley Natalia McPhaul (Puerto Rico, US)

  • Comparative Literature, BA, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

For my final year as a comparative literature undergraduate I focused on Icelandic medieval literature. Now, I look forward to study these stories in their original language and view their contents from a different perspective. I’m mostly interested in medieval gender roles and the female warrior figure.

— o —