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Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies - Available at University of Iceland

All courses, exams, and projects are in Icelandic. Applicants must, therefore, have good control of the Icelandic language if they wish to enter a graduate program.

The Faculty of Nursing offers a wide range of graduate programs that open up new possibilities for nurses and midwives in all areas of the healthcare system and universities institutions.

Whether they intend to work as a clinical expert, scientist, teacher, administrator, or a leader, graduate studies gives you an opportunity to influence the quality and development of health and well-being of people.

The Faculty of Nursing is in collaboration with many of the world's leading universities. The Faculty has the ambition to offer outstanding studies that meet the highest international standards.

Students in graduate studies are given the opportunity to work on clinical studies with the faculty scholars. The studies cover all human life, health, and development of health services.

Study programmes: