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Entrance requirements and applications

The general entrance requirement for Icelandic as a Second Language is a foreign equivalent to the Icelandic matriculation examination (stúdentspróf) and a proof of English proficiency from international applicants whose native language is not English (Minimum score TOEFL 79, IELTS 6.5). If you have questions regarding the entrance requirements, please contact admission@hi.is.

Students who apply for the BA programme also have to pass a special admission exam, offered online. The required level of skills needed to pass this exam equals that of Icelandic Online 1 and Icelandic Online 2, self-study courses which are to be found free of charge online (icelandiconline.com). Applicants who do not pass this exam will be offered to apply for the Practical Diploma programme.

New students, who have a good prior knowledge of Icelandic language beyond the required basic skills, may take examinations comparable to the first-year examinations of the BA programme around the middle of August each years. Students who pass all these 6 examinations may go directly into the second year of the BA programme.

Entrance fees and grants

There are no tuition fees at the University of Iceland but students pay a yearly registration fee, ISK 75.000 for the academic year (more information). The University of Iceland does not offer any grants for foreign students but each year around 15 state grants are offered by Icelandic authorities to students who are studying Icelandic as a second language (more information).

Deadlines for applications

Icelandic as a Second Language only accepts new students for the Fall semester of each academic year. The application deadline for all applicants is February 1st.

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