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Want to become a Mentor?

Want to become a Mentor? - Available at University of Iceland

Students at the University of Iceland can become a mentor (contact person) to our incoming exchange students. Those who have participated in exchange studies or are considering taking an exchange period abroad should not miss this opportunity. It is also a perfect opportunity for foreign language students to practice their skills and to meet people from different cultures. The project is supervised by the International Division and the Student Council.

The mentor's role is to assist exchange students once they have arrived in Iceland, discussing practical aspects related to their studies at the University of Iceland, introduce them to social life and prevent social isolation. Each mentor is assigned 4-10 exchange students according to their preference.

Here's what being a mentor entails:

Support and Guidance: Mentors serve as a point of contact for your assigned exchange students. You will offer them support and guidance and help them adapt to life at UI and in Iceland.

Cultural Exchange: Mentors have the opportunity to engage in meaningful cultural exchange with students from diverse backgrounds.

Personal Development: Being a mentor is an enriching experience that allows you to develop leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Networking Opportunities: Mentors can expand their network and connect with fellow mentors, international students, and university staff involved in international programs. These connections can open doors to new opportunities and experiences.

Friends can apply to work together as mentors, or you can request to be paired up with another mentor. Mentors can share the responsibility and organise the work together. Working as a team can make it easier to activate foreign students and it is more fun to be in a larger group.

Mentors receive a special recognition for their services in their Diploma Supplement, which contains additional information about their degree. This recognition may be useful when applying for a job or studies abroad. In order to get the recognition registered in his Diploma Supplement the mentor has to return a final report.

Online Registration

Further inquiries should be directed to the International Commitee:

The vast majority of exchange students wish for a mentor, so your participation is highly appreciated!

ESN Iceland is an active association and social venue for exchange students that mentors are free to participate in.