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Department of Physiology

The main role of the Department of Physiology is twofold, to conduct physiological research and to provide practical facilities for the teaching of physiology.

The department provides all permanent teachers and specialists at the university with research facilities. Also, the board of the department can provide scientists in other fields with facilities as room allows. Basic research in the many fields of physiology are conducted at the department. This research provides new knowledge that is useful for the solution of many issues, both academic and practical.

The staff of the department takes care of all teaching of physiology in the university and provides the facilities needed for practical sessions. In addition, the department takes care of the teaching of two courses in physiology within Health Engineering in the University of Reykjavík.

Location: Læknagarður, 5th floor

Chairman: Þór Eysteinsson, Professor
Teaching Administrator: Anna Dröfn Guðjónsdóttir