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Regulation no. 160-2016

Reglulation on overhead charges at the University of Iceland, no. 160/2016.

Authorised translation

Article 1.  Collection and introduction of overhead charges.

Overhead charges will be collected on operations funded by the University’s non-governmental income. This applies to both all sold services and grants from domestic and international parties.

Charges will be introduced in two steps:

  1.  From 2016 onwards, charges shall be collected on all new grants from funds that permit the collection of overhead charges. Applications for grants must include applications for overhead charges where applicable.  
  2.  From 1 January 2017, charges will also be collected on the wage component for contract research projects negotiated between parties within the University and external parties. Contracts for research projects must take such expenses into account, i.e. take overhead charges into account in hourly rates.

Article 2.  Proportion of overhead charges and their allocation.

Overhead charges generally add 25% to direct expenses and shall be allocated in the following manner:

  1. 40% to the relevant project/operating unit,
  2. 40% to the relevant school,
  3. 20% towards central University expenses.

School deans are authorised to direct part of the sum allocated to the school to individual projects/operating units if there is cause to do so. The same proportions apply should research funds authorise higher or lower charges.

Article 3.  Rules of procedure and review.

The University Council shall establish specific rules of procedure on further details pertaining to overhead charges, their collection, allocation and management.
Overhead charges shall be reviewed after no more than three years, i.e. before the end of 2018.

Article 4.  Legal basis and entry into force.

This regulation, approved by the University of Iceland University Council and adopted on the basis of the Act on Public Higher Education Institutions no. 85/2008, cf. especially Articles 72 and 73 of the Regulation for the University of Iceland no. 569/2009, enters into force immediately.

University of Iceland, 8 February 2016.