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List of Vacancies at the University of Iceland

The University of Iceland is one of the largest employers in Iceland. The university's mission is to conduct academic research and education, a goal that can only be achieved through the continuous engagement of the diverse group of staff. The University of Iceland is a vibrant community where individuals from different backgrounds come together, towards the common goal of further enhancing the university's position as a higher educational institution.

The University of Iceland strives to be among leading universities and to use internationally approved standards in all quality assessment of its operations. Academic staff, managers and other staff are expected to meet certain requirements in order to achieve the university's goals.

Surveys on the work environment at the University of Iceland have shown explicitly that job satisfaction is high, morale is good and that staff is positive towards their opportunities for advancement.

The University of Iceland offers many benefits and services to its staff. These services include opportunities for professional development and continuing education, meal plans, social events, sabbaticals (for academic staff) as well as health services such as a yearly flu vaccination.