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MIS Graduate Students 2016-2017

Anna Alexandra McCully Stewart (UK)

  • English Language and Literature, BA (First Class), University of Oxford, 2015

I am interested in such liminal saga figures as the berserkr and human-turned-troll, as well as the play of genres in ‘post-Classical’ Íslendingasögur. I also hope to study the afterlife of the younger Futhark in the Icelandic scriptorium when compared to the scribal use of runes in Anglo Saxon manuscripts.

— o —

Eleonora Pancetti (Italy)

  • Modern Languages and Literature, BA, Università di Pisa, 2014
  • Euro-American Languages and Literature, MA, Università di Pisa, 2016

My interest in Old Icelandic literature traces back to my BA thesis, where I tried to examine the structure of some of the lays in the Poetic Edda. I pursued this further in my MA thesis, centered on the analysis of female stereotypes in the saga of Icelanders. I have a strong background in modern languages, linguistics and literature, which helped me a lot in exploring the multi-faceted works of the Old Norse textual tradition. Now I would like to concentrate on subjects that I find even more interesting, such as historical linguistics, manuscript studies and textual criticism.

— o —

Elise Dorothea Miller (US)

  • Linguistics, BA, University of California Davis, 2016

As an undergraduate I studied linguistics with an emphasis on modern German and the history of English. I am looking forward to studying Old Icelandic and learning more about the evolution of the Germanic language family.

— o —

Harry Williams (UK) 

  • Modern and Medieval Languages, BA (Hons), University of Cambridge, 2007

My background is in Romance Languages and I would like to explore the links between the medieval literature of France and that of Iceland.

— o —

Julian Eduardo Valle (Argentina)

  • History, Licenciatura, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2015

As an undergraduate, I became interested in medieval Scandinavian history, focusing on the use of violence as a political tool during the last years of the Icelandic Commonwealth. I am eager to explore Old Norse literature, looking in particular at lawsuits and the evidence for the concentration of chieftaincies during the 12th and 13th centuries.

— o —

Roxanne Tobi Pleshak (Canada)

  • Medieval Studies, BA, University of Victoria, 2015

As an undergraduate, I took an interdisciplinary degree in Medieval Studies. This allowed me to have a broad focus in various areas such as art history, medieval legal texts, and theology. Now that I have come to Iceland, I am eager to explore interactions between Icelandic primary sources, and primary sources found in mainland Medieval Europe. I hope to do research on the Icelandic law codes.

— o —