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MIS Graduate Students 2015-2016

Ah Leum Kwon (South Korea)

  • Linguistics, BA, Seoul National University, 2013

I have always been fascinated by the historical change of language. As an undergraduate I studied linguistics along with Latin, Greek and Sanskrit. Now I hope to work on the morphological and phonological change of the Icelandic language over time especially with evidence from poetic devices in skaldic and eddic poetry. 

Alessandro Mazzi (Italy)

  • Philosophy and Literature, Bachelor Degree in Modern Literature, Università degli studi di Napoli, 2014

In my undergraduate studies I have learned of and compared Western Philosophy and literature with Eastern tradition, but I want to broad my horizons and include the Icelandic corpus in search for transdisciplinary approaches among the various cultures and disciplines.

Harriet Rosemary Allen (UK)

  • English Literature, BA, Durham University, 2014

I studied wide-ranging works of literature for my BA. I found myself particularly hooked by Old Norse texts and the lasting influences of Germanic myth and legend. I look forward to expanding my knowledge of Old Icelandic literature and mythology, as well as gaining greater insights into historical contexts.

Katelin Elizabeth Anderson (US)

  • English Literature, BA, University of Idaho, 2015

My background is in literature and linguistics, and the places they overlap. I am excited to learn more about Old Icelandic, as well as how language, gender, and disability function in various texts as well as historically.

Kathrin Lisa van der Linde (Germany)

  • Scandinavian Studies, BA, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 2014

I studied Middle High German and Old Icelandic with the focus on comparative literature regarding especially fornaldarsǫgur and Arthurian romance and I did research on þættir. During my study here, I want to focus on cultural and literary relations between Iceland and Medieval Europe.

Nicholas Hoffman (US)

  • English, BA, Vassar College, 2014
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, MPhil, University of Cambridge, 2015

As an undergraduate, I focused on Old English, Middle English and Latin before pursuing a graduate degree in early medieval literature. At the University of Iceland, I will  explore Old English and Old Norse poetry and poetics, while considering their linguistic and historical influences as well as possible interrelation.