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Sprettur-Mentor - Available at University of Iceland

What do mentors do in the Sprettur project?

The mentors are university students that want to make a difference. They have the task of supporting and encouraging youth in their personal journey to higher education. Each mentor has two mentees who are participants in Sprettur. The mentor's role is to create constructive mentoring relationships with the mentees, be a postive role model and participate in joint events organized by te project manager of Sprettur.

We are looking for Icelandic-speaking university students aged 18-30 who can commit to participating in both semesters.

We encourage students from all study programmes and of all genders to apply! 

What do the mentors participate in?

  • Monthly meetings with two mentees
  • Monthly study groups
  • Joint events 

What do the mentors get?

  • 5 ECTS course on the role of mentors
  • Diploma supplement
  • Personal support

How do I become a mentor in the Sprettur project? 

If you are interested in taking part as a mentor, please fill out a digital form, and the project manager of Sprettur will contact you. Applicants will be interviewed and if they are chosen for participation they will be paired with two mentees based on areas of interest, hobbies and personal wishes. Keep in mind that the number of mentors is restricted to 15-20 for the academic year 2023-2024. 

Please contact

Nílsína Larsen Einarsdóttir
Sprettur project manager
Phone: +354-525-5405

Sunneva Líf Albertsdóttir
Employee of Sprettur
Phone: +354-525-5216

Interviews with mentors