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Centre of Public Health Sciences

Postgraduate studies in
public health sciences

Public Health

A wide range of practical programs for those who wish to devote themselves to research, or to assume leadership roles in the fields of prevention and health promotion.

Welcome to a diverse group of students!

  • Interdisciplinary educational arrangements
  • Teachers are amongst leading scientists in their academic field
  • Collaboration with national and foreign institutions and schools
  • Students with diverse academic backgrounds


The master's program in Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics is 120 credits and is organized as full-time studies for two years.

There are three master's study programs available, as well as PhD and diploma graduate studies. Find the right program for you - at the top of the page! 

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Centre of Public Health Sciences
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Tel: 525 4956
E-mail: publichealth@hi.is

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