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Centre of Public Health Sciences

Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies

Public Health Science

A range of interdisciplinary and practical programs for those who wish to devote themselves to research and those who aspire to leadership roles in the diverse fields of health sciences

Welcome to a diverse group of students!

  • Interdisciplinary programme structure
  • Students with diverse academic backgrounds
  • Teachers amongst leading scientists in their academic field
  • Possibility of exchange studies
  • Diverse career opportunities

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of students with diverse backgrounds and career goals, focused on either professional practice or research and academia. There is flexibility for students to shape their learning experience to match their own interests and aspirations.


The programs are coordinated at the Centre of Public Health Sciences, a community of academics, research specialists and young scientists, working on a diverse portfolio of population-based research.

Visit for further information on our research and cohorts.

Contact us

Centre of Public Health Sciences
Sturlugata 8, 102 Reykjavik
Tel: 525 4956

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-16pm and Fridays 10am-12pm.

Please call or write ahead to schedule an appointment.

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