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08/04/2019 - 10:24

University's MBA programme collaborates with Yale and IESE

The University of Iceland has entered in collaboration with Yale School of Management and IESE Business School of Navarra in Barcelona, both cutting edge in MBA studies in the world. The collaboration strengthens the MBA studies at the University of Iceland considerably as it entails that MBA students will attend challenging and dynamic courses in both schools during their studies. 

"This is excellent news and a great acknowledgement for the University of Iceland," says Jón Atli Benediktsson, rector of the University of Iceland. "Our MBA students get a unique opportunity here to study at two of the best universities in this field. Opportunities such as these are a result of the University of Iceland's excellent reputation worldwide." 

Yale School of Management is a part of Yale University which is ranked in eighth place according the Times Higher Education University Rankings. Yale School of Management is, furthermore, placed in eleventh seat over universities that excel world wide in MBA studies and IESE is placed in seat twelve on the same list according to the Financial Times evaluation.  

"We need to adapt to a dynamic and ever-changing environment and prepare our students as well as we can to deal with challenges we face in the coming years," says Svala Guðmundsdóttir, chairman of the board of the MBA-programme - she is furthermore an associate professor of business studies at the University of Iceland. It must be taken into account that we are a small country where international trade and cooperation are vital, I am thus confident that the studies benefit considerably by giving our students the option of taking courses at such excellent universities."    

Students who start on the MBA programme this autumn at the University of Iceland will take a study trip to Barcelona in the spring term of 2020, and travel to Yale in New Haven in the United States for the autumn term of that year.  The collaboration with these prestigious universities has great professional value for the studies as a whole and places the MBA-studies at the University of Iceland at the forefront of the field. The University of Iceland is already among the 300 best Universities in the world according to the respected list of Times Higher Education. This is not least due to the great scientific endeavours of the university, and the prolific publication in prestigious journals by the university's scientists. The strength of the university on the list has ensured a number of collaboration agreements with many of the most prominent universities in the world.       

"These two universities that now start working with the University of Iceland, Yale and IESE, are among the best and are especially strong in the field of business studies.      It is therefore of great value for the MBA-students at the University of Iceland to get a chance to attend studies at such great universities, enabling them to add to their international experiences and increase their knowledge. The MBA-studies at the University of Iceland are designed with the needs of the Icelandic business community in mind and this collaboration ensures that this programme is among the best in the world," says Svala. 

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