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01/12/2023 - 10:19

UI Sustainability Report for 2022 published

UI Sustainability Report for 2022 published - Available at University of Iceland

The University of Iceland Sustainability Report for 2022 is now available. This is the second such report that UI has published, underlining the University's commitment to leading the way in sustainability; the higher education sector has a key role to play in driving much-needed societal change. UI has incorporated the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our Strategy for 2021-2026 (UI26), which is underpinned by the values of sustainability and diversity.

The Sustainability Report provides insights into the numerous ongoing initiatives at UI aligned with the SDGs. It is intended to encourage continuing efforts to improve UI's performance in sustainability, as we address global challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

There is also considerable international pressure on universities to account for their work to advance sustainability using clear metrics. Such reporting is used, for example, to place universities in international rankings. Last year's report led to a considerable improvement in UI's position in the THE Impact Rankings, which are based on delivering the SDGs.

The methods used to produce this report vary in some ways compared to the last report. Interviews were taken with UI staff and students involved in projects that are aligned with the SDGs in some way. The goal was to provide a better insight into the extensive progress being made at UI towards delivering all SDGs. This report also contains reflections from all school deans, in which they account for the work taking place within their schools to advance sustainable development. There is also a note from the president of the Student Council. Students have an important voice, within UI and in the wider community, when it comes to sustainability and delivering the SDGs. Finally, this report describes the progress achieved in implementing the recommendations of the previous report. 

The Sustainability Report was commissioned by the UI Sustainability Committee and produced by the UI Sustainability Institute. The Sustainability Institute will be holding the Festival of Sustainable Development on 6 December, to celebrate the publication of the new Sustainability Report among other things.

The complete report is available on the UI website.