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29/09/2023 - 11:46

The Imagine Forum: Nordic Solidarity for Peace - live stream

The Imagine Forum: Nordic Solidarity for Peace - live stream - Available at University of Iceland

The debate on peace, disarmament and the peaceful resolution of conflicts has rarely been more important. Peace is a prerequisite for well-being, equality, social stability as well as environmental and human rights protection. The Icelandic Presidency for the Nordic Council of Ministers and Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre invites you to join a discussion on the future vision of the Nordic countries for sustainable peace at the Imagine Forum: Nordic Solidarity for Peace, will be held 10 - 11 October 2023. There will be a live stream from the conference.

Nordic Solidarity for Peace

The Icelandic Presidency will pay special attention to the importance of peace as the prerequisite for welfare, human rights, and environmental protection. The aim of the conference in Reykjavík is to bring together a dynamic group of creative thinkers to engage in an intergenerational dialogue on how we can strengthen Nordic cooperation for peace.

Throughout history, the Nordic countries have sought to find peaceful solutions to their disputes through dialogue and cooperation and have worked together on the international stage to ensure Nordic values such as democracy, equality and human rights. Poverty and conflict are widely understood to be interconnected, and therefore it is also important to tackle the economic causes of conflict, address inequality and build well-governed, inclusive, and fair societies. The Nordic countries are proponents of multilateral cooperation being the most efficient means to deal with global security challenges. They have a long-standing commitment to disarmament and arms control and have contributed actively in order to re-energize the work on the disarmament agenda.

The effects of Russia's illegal invasion in Ukraine are being felt across Europe and beyond, and the security situation in the West has changed completely. The discussion on peace, disarmament and the peaceful resolution of disputes has therefore rarely been more important. These circumstances make the solidarity and cooperation of the Nordic nations vitally important.

Like war, the climate crisis also drives people away from their homes and into displacement. If present trends continue, climate crisis will lead to a great increase in migration in the coming years and decades, with a significant rise in the numbers of environmental refugees. The fight against the dangers of climate crisis is one of the main foundations for welfare and safety, and peace similarly is the basis for being able to fight against climate crisis, maintain social stability and increase equity.

It is vital that the Nordic countries work together to put climate issues on the agenda in a decisive way. The Nordic countries can and should be a strong force for peace on the international arena, advocating for international agreements on peace and disarmament, based on their history of close cooperation when it comes to welfare, democracy and human rights.

Practical Information

The confernce will be held at Harpa conference center in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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