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22/11/2022 - 11:08

Student Psychology Clinic also for students' children

Student Psychology Clinic also for students' children - Available at University of Iceland

Psychological counselling for the children of University students has been increased considerably at the Student Psychology Clinic. MS students in clinical child psychology offer their services under the supervision of Dagmar Kr. Hannesdóttir, PhD, assistant professor at the Faculty of Psychology and specialist in clinical child psychology, with 20 years’ experience in the field. Counselling and treatment for parents, children, and teenagers from 3-18 for the following:

  • anxiety, phobias and compulsion/obsession
  • depression and low self esteem
  • ADHD and difficult behaviour
  • communication and social skills training

Students pay only 1,500 ISK for each interview, which is considerably less than elsewhere.

Please contact the Psychology Clinic for evaluation and possible help in the above mentioned areas. Please note that a formal analysis process for ADHD, autism, learning difficulties, or developmental deviation does not take place at the Psychology Clinic.

You can contact and book appointments at

Student Psychology Clinic operates in Nýi Garður.