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22/02/2024 - 12:46

Over 400 students to graduate on Friday

Over 400 students to graduate on Friday - Available at University of Iceland

Over 420 candidates will graduate from the University of Iceland on Friday 23 February and a festive graduation ceremony will take place in the University Cinema at 3:00 pm.

The ceremony will be live-streamed

Candidates will graduate from all five of the University’s schools: 154 from the School of Social Sciences, 70 from the School of Health Sciences, 55 from the School of Humanities, 73 from the School of Education, and 71 from the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Thus, a total of 423 students receive their graduation certificates on Friday.

The ceremony begins with an address from Jón Atli Benediktsson, Rector of the University of Iceland, after which the candidates will be awarded their certificates. Arna Dís Heiðarsdóttir, BS Political Science, then delivers a speech on behalf of the candidates and the ceremony concludes with a short performance by the University Choir of Iceland.

Graduation candidates will be seated in a specified area in the University Cinema and are kindly asked to arrive no later than 2:30 pm. A list with the names of candidates and seat numbers will be distributed on graduation day and candidates will receive their certificates according to their seat number. University staff will be on site to provide assistance if needed.

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