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24/10/2017 - 09:45

ORCID id for researchers at the University of Iceland


The University of Iceland has become a member of ORCID and encourages its staff to register for an ORCID ID. 
Many employees of the University of Iceland already use an ORCID ID, since ORCID is used for submitting content to many of the world's leading academic publishers. More and more research funds require applicants to use the identifier. is an open and international non-profit organisation. Almost four million ORCID IDs have been registered and the number is growing steadily.

ORCID saves time when entering information about your publications and research. Information marked with the identifier is automatically submitted to the information system. It is important to note that ORCID does not store any sensitive personal data, but only information relevant to research records and contained in the metadata of publications, posters, datasets, grants, patents and the like. ORCID collects information about publications and other matters which are connected to individual IDs, ensuring that the ORCID record is automatically updated. The ORCID identifier is bound to a single individual but not to a certain workplace. Each person thus controls whether and how much access they wish to grant others to their information.

Registration at ORCID is quick and simple, and now during Open Access Week (23-29 October) a registration link has been activated for staff members of the University of Iceland via Ugla, the University's intrnet.. Those who do not yet have an ORCID identifier are asked to register and link their ORCID identifier with the University of Iceland. Those who are already using ORCID are asked to link their identifier with the University of Iceland. Linking the ORCID identifier with the University ensures that the latest information is included in the staff directory both on the external University website and its intranet. Those with other identifiers, such as ResearcherID and Scopus Author ID, can link these to ORCID so that information is automatically transferred between the systems.

Linking the identifier with the University of Iceland makes it easier for the institution to have an overview of projects and publications connected with the University. Moreover, linking the identifier saves researchers work if they permit staff members of the Division of Science and Innovation of the University of Iceland to review records, e.g. in connection with annual performance reports. The Division of Science and Innovation will later be able to connect older publications of staff members with their ORCID identifier. Each staff member always has the final word regarding records associated with their identifier and can revoke the authorisation at any point.

Presentations about the ORCID identifier will be held at the schools of the University of Iceland this winter. Moreover, the Division of Science and Innovation provides assistance with registering with ORCID.