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25/01/2023 - 10:54

Kolbrún continues as Dean of School of Education

Kolbrún continues as Dean of School of Education - Available at University of Iceland

Kolbrún Þ. Pálsdóttir has been reappointed as Dean of the School of Education for the next five years, or until 1 July 2028.

Kolbrún took office as Dean of School mid 2018, but has been working in teaching and research within the University for almost two decades. Kolbrún has extensive experience in the field of education and leisure activities; she was an educator and department leader at the City of Reykjavík, and took an active role in the development of out-of school centres for 6 - 9 year old children.

Kolbrún completed a BA degree in philosophy from the University of Iceland in 1996, a Master's degree in education studies in 2001, and she earned her PhD in the field of Education Studies from the Faculty of Education Studies in 2012. She became an assistant professor at the School of Education's Faculty of Social Education and Leisure Studies in 2013, where she was promoted to associate professor in 2017.

Kolbrún's main research interests include children and youth studies, formal and informal education, professionalism and interdisciplinary collaboration in schooling and leisure activities for children. Kolbrún has been active in developing policies in education and improvement projects at all levels of education as well as consulting with educational authorities. 

"It is a great honour to have the opportunity to continue to lead the School of Education in cooperation with my excellent and ambitious colleagues. The times ahead are exacting as we continue strengthening our school in collaboration with numerous invested parties. The school will move to Saga on the main campus in 2024. We will continue to create our own history there and a dynamic educational community in this historic house. New and great opportunities for Icelandic society will be created there, as well as for our staff and students who will be in the middle of the University campus; thus better connected to other University units. I am certain that this will strengthen research in education even more, increase the number of students and support societal innovation in the education system," says Kolbrún.

"It is a great pleasure for me to extend Kolbrún's post for the next five years. The growth of the School of Education has been tremendous these last few years, the number of students has increased and collaboration with community and the field has been exemplary. The relocation of School of Education's to Saga will create many opportunities and enable to University to advance even further in the field of education and research in pedagogy and education for the benefit of Icelandic society. This is also a long-awaited milestone to unite all University operations in one location, thus strengthening even further interdisciplinary collaboration between University schools. Kolbrún has done a tremendous job as Dean of the School of Education and I am certain that she will continue on the same path the next five years," says Jón Atli Benediktsson, Rector of the University of Iceland.

About the School

The School of Education is one of five schools at the University of Iceland. It is divided into four faculties: Faculty of Subject Teacher Education, Faculty of Education and Diversity, Faculty of Education and Pedagogy, and Faculty of Health Promotion, Sports and Leisure Studies. Around 160 are employed at the School of Education with over 3,000 students. The school also organises extensive work development and coninuing education for teaching staff and other employees in the field of education and leisure activities. 

Kolbrún Þ. Pálsdóttir