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20/06/2022 - 13:39

IRIS raises visibility of UI research and its impact

IRIS raises visibility of UI research and its impact - Available at University of Iceland

A new information system for research at Icelandic universities and their institutes has been launched. This system opens up many new opportunities to draw attention to the diverse range of research taking place at the University of Iceland and the societal impact of that research.

The system is called IRIS (Icelandic Research Information System) and is designed to manage all research activity and the societal impact of research findings in Iceland. It also offers overviews of research activity by researcher, institution and subject as well as international collaboration by scientists and academics in Iceland. For example, here is an overview of research activity at the University of Iceland.

IRIS provides overviews of research outputs and information about research projects, accessible research infrastructure and datasets. All this information is freely accessible on the main IRIS website. The research portal shows the entire life cycle of a research project, from its inception to the final impact, whether that be in the form of publications in peer-reviewed journals or societal impact of another kind.

IRIS also provides participating institutions with a detailed overview of grant applications and allocations, giving valuable insight into the overall research activity of institutions in one place.

The launch of IRIS is one step in the system's implementation process. Over the next few months, the system and its functions will be systematically presented to UI staff and IRIS has already been used in the annual evaluation of academic staff. Alongside presentations of the system and training in how to use it, more kinds of data on research activity at UI will be recorded in IRIS and the research portal will develop as the project continues.

It is clear that this system will open up many opportunities for the University of Iceland to increase the visibility of our research.

This image shows the University of Iceland's research collaboration networks all over the world.