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19/05/2022 - 09:39

International collaboration on equality work

International collaboration on equality work - Available at University of Iceland

Representatives from the University in Coimbra, Portugal visited the University of Iceland 3 - 4 May. The visit is part of Gender@UC the university collaboration in the field of gender equality funded by the EEA Reconstruction Fund. The fund's primary goal is to contribute to a more equal Europe; socially and economically.

The university in Coimbra has recently initiated formal work on equality matters so they were presented with the main emphasis and development of equality work at the University of Iceland during their visit. After the Portugese guests met with the rector and pro-rector for science, they talked with various parties within the university who lead diverse factors within the university's equality work. These included the chair of the University Council's Equal Rights Committee, the equality officers, academics in the field of gender studies, student representative, and the project manager of Sprettur, a programme supporting immigrants in university studies.

The University operations in Coimbra is not only focusing on gender equality but also the access and promotion of women in science. The work is, furthermore, aimed at the communication of science and scientific upbringing and to strengthen collaboration between the universities. The group also visitied the Science Centre and met with marketing experts at the University.

"Even though it is the University of Iceland's role is to support equality work at Coimbra the collaboration is also very rewarding for us as new ideas are born in dialogue, and it gives a new perspective on our own work," says Þorgerður J. Einarsdóttir, professor of gender studies, who leads this project for the University. Cláudia Cavadas, professor of pharmacy and Vice Rector for Research of the University of Coimbra, leads the Portuguese delegation. She gave a lecture during her visit, Neuroendocrinology and ageing: from mechanisms to translational approaches, and met doctoral students in her field of study.

Meeting with rector, prorector and equality officers