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20/03/2023 - 09:39

Grants available for PhD students at the School of Humanities

Grants available for PhD students at the School of Humanities - Available at University of Iceland

The School of Humanities Education Fund is now accepting scholarship applications. The purpose of the Fund is to support PhD students in the final stages of their studies at the School of Humanities.
The application deadline is 17 April 2023 
The total sum to be awarded is ISK 2.1 million, which will be divided between three projects, with each receiving ISK 700,000.
Grant proposals must include the following:

  • Applicant's name, national ID number, address, telephone number and valid email address.
  • Main points from the applicant's CV and bibliography.
  • Title of the research project.
  • Concise description of the project, max. 150 words, which will be used in general promotion and publicity if the proposal is accepted.
  • More detailed description of the research project, max. 800 words. This should explain the theoretical foundation of the project, methodology, main findings and scientific value. State whether the doctoral thesis will be a single, integral body of work or a collection of articles.
  • Project schedule from the date of application to the Education Fund to the final thesis submission date. The doctoral thesis should be submitted within six months of the grant being awarded.
  • Disclosure of all previous funding received during the programme.
  • Statement from the supervisor and members of the doctoral committee confirming that the student is expected to submit the thesis to the faculty within six months of the grant being awarded.
  • Names, telephone numbers and email addresses of people who can provide references.
  • All grant proposals are treated as confidential. The board of the Fund reserves the right to award grants to more than one applicant, to reject all applicants and/or allocate grants in another way.

Emphasis is placed on the quality of academic work in the proposal. The grant recipient must submit a report to the Fund on the main findings and outcomes of the project after it ends.
Grants will be allocated in May 2023.
Proposals should be sent as an attachment to the University of Iceland Scholarship Funds email address:
Further information is available on the home page for the Fund on the University of Iceland grants and funds website. Alternatively, contact Helga Brá Árnadóttir, project manager for scholarship funds at the University of Iceland,, tel. 525-5894.

About the Fund

The Education Fund was established at the University of Iceland in 2018 and is actually a collection of funds related to subjects taught at the School of Humanities, combined to support doctoral studies at the School of Humanities. The contributing funds are: Det Danske Selskabs Studenterlegat (1943), Forlagsboghandler, Dr. Phil. h.c. Ejnar Munkgaards Stiftelse til Fordel for Det filosofiske Fakultet ved Islands Universitet i Reykjavik (1938), Dr Rögnvaldur Pétursson Memorial Fund (1960), Norwegian Students' Memorial Fund (1948), Norðmannsgjöf (1961) and the Students' History Fund (1930).