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14/03/2023 - 11:15

Five receive postdoctoral grants at the University of Iceland

Five receive postdoctoral grants at the University of Iceland - Available at University of Iceland

Five postdocs who have recently completed, or are on the verge of completing their PhD degrees, receive a grant from the University of Iceland post-doc grants this year. This is a three-year grant and the post-docs will work at four out of the five University Schools. 

Post-docs are vital in all research work at universities, especially basic research. Postdoc is a job title for a research scientist working at a research institute who has recently completed their PhD degree, but does not yet hold a permanent academic position.  
The University has allocated grants from the University of Iceland post-doc grants for the past five years. It was formerly called the recruitment fund and its aim is to strengthen recruitment at the University, and systematically support young researchers. 

The University of Iceland post-doc grants received a total of 84 applications this year that are thusly divided between University schools. 

University School  Number of applications
School of Social Sciences 14
School of Health Sciences  11
School of Humanities 31
School of Education 3
School of Engineering and Natural Sciences 25
Total 84

A special allocation committee reviewed the applications and the evaluation included the criteria in the announcement call for applications. It was decided to grant five post-doc grants. The recipients are:

Name Project title School
Einar Bjarki Gunnarsson Optimizing anti-cancer drug treatment with mathematical modeling Engineering and Natural Sciences
Iris Edda Nowenstein Mál og minni (Language and memory) Humanities
Laura Malinauskaite  Measuring sustainable development and wellbeing in the Baltic States: estimation of the Genuine Progress Indicator for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Social Sciences
Sigrún Þorsteinsdóttir Bragðlaukaþjálfun - framhaldsverkefni (Tastebuds training - continued) Education
Tom Winder Seismic signatures of caldera collapse and magma recharge at active volcanoes Engineering and Natural Sciences

The University of Iceland sincerely congratulates the academics receiving the grants and wishes them a successful continuation.