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29/09/2023 - 11:40

Endless varieties of science on the European Researchers‘ Night in Laugardalshöll

Endless varieties of science on the European Researchers‘ Night in Laugardalshöll - Available at University of Iceland

Ants and fruit flies; a teddy hospital and training the taste buds; the Icelandic language and the latest technology; sick zebra fish and life in the sea around Iceland; an earthquake machine, and much more will be featured by the University of Iceland at the annual Researchers’ Night in Laugardalshöll on Saturday 30 September from 1-6 pm. The European Researchers’ Night is open to all, and entry is free of charge. 

Researchers’ Night is held simultaneously in many European cities during the last weekend of September, and in Iceland it is organised by RANNÍS, the Icelandic Centre for Research. At this event scientists from universities, institutes and companies present their work to the public in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in numerous booths and stations. Guests get the opportunity to explore and test various gadgets and equipment used in research, review the results of projects, and talk to scientists about their work, innovation, and research. The family is in the foreground on Researchers’ Night, and this is a great opportunity to explore the world of science for all generations. 

A large group of scientists and students take part from the University of Iceland, sharing the results of their dynamic work from all the University´s schools. In addition to the items listed above projects on the welfare of children; sustainability and the circle economy as equality issues; the role of the immune system and bones; the sense of vision; how language evolves during a lifetime; the interaction of humans and nature; innovation in education, and the smart phone as a supercomputer will be presented. Those interested can have their jumping power and strength measured; get acquainted with CPR; participate in a quiz on internet and cyber security; learn about the effect of retreating glaciers on seismic and volcanic activity in Iceland; play in virtual worlds; illustrate in a computer, and observe  how water is purified using 3D printing. The popular University of Iceland Science Centre will be there with a number of workshops and gadgets, and the Teddy bear hospital will open up a special station. 

Furthermore, the Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís) also organises a Science coffee and slam 25-28 September. At the Science coffee, which will take place in Bókasamlagið, the hidden role of Eurovision in the image forming of nation will be analysed.

The science slam takes place in the Student Cellar on 28 September where young scientists will compete in live presentation of science on stage. The winner can expect a nice prize!  

All further information can be found on the event‘s website.