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26/05/2020 - 15:26

Close to 300 summer jobs for University students

The University of Iceland has advertised over 270 summer jobs for students in collaboration with both the government and the Directorate of Labour; an initiative to help students in light of the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The application period for summer jobs began on Tuesday 26 May and the deadline is 5 June.
The jobs on offer are diverse, at all University schools and the central administration; involving miscellaneous research, data acquisition, web processing, and office work. Most of the jobs are on campus, but there are also possibilities to work at one of the University of Iceland's Research Centres located across Iceland.

For further information consult the overview of the summer jobs on the Directorate of Labour's website  (in Icelandic)

The application deadline is 5 June and those hired will begin their jobs as soon as possible. It is assumed that the period of employment will be two months. Work is ongoing to increase the availability of jobs even further within the University.

University students can apply for jobs outside of the University of Iceland in connection with this government initiative, as the jobs advertised within the government body are around 1,500 for young people 18 and older who are in between semesters. In addition to this there are jobs for municipalities, and the total number of temporary jobs in this collaboration between the Icelandic government and institutions and municipalities is 3,300. The plan is to spend 2.2 billions on this initiative; making it four times larger than the initiative in the wake of the economic collapse in 2008.

In addition to summer jobs the University of Iceland a diverse selection of summer courses  with generous support from the government. The aim is to ensure student activity and financial security among all students during the summer.