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Research of behaviour, perception and emotions

"Students and teachers of psychology collaborate in researching human behaviour, emotion and perception, in as broad an understanding as possible, as well as looking at deviations from what can be considered the norm, for instance in regards to behaviour and emotion," says Árni Kristjánsson, Associate Professor of Psychology.

"In psychology, the core in all search of knowledge lies in experiments, which are carried out in order to answer crucial questions about the topics listed above. Much emphasis is placed on research where students and teachers collaborate closely, searching for answers to the haunting questions of psychology.

There are several educational options upon completion of a BA degree. Many graduates choose to dedicate their work to research, while others work in therapy. Other students select programmes where these two can be combined. The BA degree in psychology at the University of Iceland is good preparation for all of these paths.

Studying psychology is highly demanding, because the goal is for students to get the best education possible in accordance with their interests and future plans. The greatest testament to the quality of psychology studies at UI is the success of students who have graduated in the subject in the last three decades. Many have gone abroad for graduate studies, earning a good reputation, and experience shows that students with a BA degree from UI are widely desirable by international universities. Others choose to apply for the fast-growing and popular professional certification studies at the university.

Psychology is one of the fastest growing of the contemporary sciences, and there is a constantly increasing need for well-educated psychologists across the professional sector. Studying psychology fulfils all criteria for a good education after completing a matriculation examination, and after graduation there is great and diverse potential for education and work.

Psychology is now an independent faculty within the new School of Health Sciences and we expect great things to come from this restructuring, as it opens the door to closer cooperation with related faculties, which will further strengthen psychology in the years to come."

Árni Kristjánsson