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The University of Iceland's Start-up and Entrepreneurship Centre

The University of Iceland's Start-up and Entrepreneurship Centre - Available at University of Iceland

Are you working on an innovative idea? Do you want to work in a creative environment?

The Division of Science and Innovation will oversee the facility and allocate tables in cooperation with the Student Council Committee of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This is a temporary access, free of charge to 12 tables in an open space for students and staff who work on innovative ideas. Tables are allocated three times a year, for the spring semester, autumn semester and during the summer. 

Application deadline for access to a coworking space in Start-up and Entrepreneurship Centre of the University of Iceland Science Park in Gróska for the spring of 2022 has passed but deadline for summer 2022 will be advertised at a later date. 

At the Centre you may find many of the actors of the Innovation Ecosystem; like Icelandic Startups, Auðna-tæknitorg and Iceland Design and Architecture, in addition to a number of start-ups and entrepreneurs.

By this, the University of Iceland wants to create a fruitful and supportive environment for students and staff to work on their innovative ideas.

For further information, please contact Gyða Einarsdóttir, Innovation Manager at the Division of Science and Innovation.