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Doctoral research projects

Doctoral research projects - Available at University of Iceland

Anton Örn Karlsson
Research project: Determinants of acquiescence in self report measures.
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Fanney Þórsdóttir

Auðun Valborgarson
Research project: Reading and reading fluency
Thesis supervisors: Dr. Fanney Þórsdóttir og Dr. Freyja Birgisdóttir

Bahareh Jozranjbar
Research project: Dyslexia and high-level vision.
Thesis supervisors: Dr. Heiða María Sigurðardóttir and Dr. Árni Kristjánsson

Christian Houborg
Research project: Continuity in perception: Contrasting serial dependence, aftereffects and learning of feature distrubtions of ignored information.
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Árni Kristjánsson

Erlendur Egilsson
Research project: A Smartphone Based Intervention and Treatment of Obesity in Youth.
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Urður Njarðvík

Guðlaug Marion Mitchison
Research project: Emotion Dysregulation and the Development of Disruptive Behavior Disorders in School-aged Children: A Longitudinal study. 
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Urður Njarðvík

Harpa Óskarsdóttir
Research project: Can the use of Direct Instruction and precision teaching enhance the skills of Icelandic students in reading and math?
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Zuilma Gabríela Sigurðardóttir

Inga Dröfn Wessman
Research project: The effects of screening for a precursor of multiple myeloma on mental health and quality of life.
Thesis supervisors: Dr. Andri Steinþór Björnsson and Dr. Sigurður Yngvi Kristinsson

Jóhann Pálmar Harðarson
Research project: Threat and appraisal and their role in the development of PTSD and SAD.
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Andri Steinþór Björnsson

Jóhanna Cortes Andrésdóttir
Research project: Self-regulation, ADHD and academic achievement in middle adolesence.
Thesis supervisors: Dr. Freyja Birgisdóttir and Dr. Steinunn Gestsdóttir

Kolfinna Þórisdóttir
Research project: Iceland Stroke Database: Predictors of Cognitive and Neuropsychiatric Disorders.
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Árni Kristjánsson

Kristjana Þórarinsdóttir
Research project: Using a visuospatial interference intervention to reduce intrusive memories among trauma exposed women.
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Andri Steinþór Björnsson

Kristján Helgi Hjartarson
Research project: Vulnerability to recurrent depression: Reactivity, content and habitual characteristics of dynamic cognitive processes and the effect of treatment strategies on their functioning.
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Ragnar P. Ólafsson. Extra thesis supervisors: Dr. Ívar Snorrason at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA and dr. Laura Bringmann, docent at the Faculty of Psychology at University of Groningen, Netherlands 

Mohsen Rafiei
Research project: Ignored stimuli create negative dependence in perception.
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Árni Kristjánsson

Orri Smárason
Research project: Functional impairment in youth with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Guðmundur Ágúst Skarphéðinsson

Ragnhildur Lilja Ásgeirsdóttir
Research project: The quality of self-report data: Verbal labelling effects. 
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Fanney Þórsdóttir

Vigdís Vala Valgeirsdóttir
Research project: Identifying and evaluating of the benefits of lower-limb neuroprostheses.
Thesis supervisors: Dr. Árni Kristjánsson and Dr. Ásgeir Alexandersson