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MIS Graduate Students 2021-2022

Medieval Icelandic Studies & Viking and Medival Norse Studies orientation meeting August 27, 2021. — See also our graduate students in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies.

Alexandra Zerlina Dunn (US)

  • History, BA, Smith College, 2021

In my undergraduate studies at Smith College, I studied history and archaeology with a particular focus on medieval Iceland. I am excited to be a part of the Medieval Icelandic Studies program to continue learning about how literary history and archeological finds work together to create a better view of the past.

Delaney Lynn Dammeyer (US)

  • Sociology-Anthropology, BA, Elizabethtown College, 2020

I studied sociology and anthropology for my bachelors. I've always had interests in archaeology, seiðurism, and gender in the medieval world and wrote my undergraduate thesis on these themes. I look forward to studying the archaeology of women’s lives and culture in early medieval Iceland.

Dominick David Zarrillo (US)

  • History, BA, The College of New Jersey, 2019
  • Humanities, AA, Brookdale Community College, 2017

As an undergraduate, my primary focus was on the Viking-Age North Atlantic (Iceland, Greenland, Faroes) and the colonial period of the United States. In the MIS programme, I am looking forward to studying Old Norse as well as the artefacts, manuscripts, and architecture of medieval Iceland.

Katharine Kroeber Wiley (US)

  • English Literature, BA, Occidental College, 1986

I was introduced to Icelandic sagas at age 9, by an enthusiastic older brother. It’s taken me a long while to get here, but I look forward to adventures in Iceland and academia