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MIS Graduate Students 2020-2021

Medieval Icelandic Studies & Viking and Medival Norse Studies orientation meeting August 29, 2020. This year's group photo taken (in the rain) with the appropriate social distancing in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. — See also our graduate students in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies.

Bethany Rebecca Porter (US)

  • Creative Writing, BA, Chapman University, 2011

As an undergraduate, I focused on writing and literature and developed an interest in Medieval literature and religious studies. My thesis focused on the changes in the Arthurian legends due to the dominant religion from the oral to written tradition. For my current studies, I wish to focus on Nordic Medieval religion and folklore and connect this with linguistics and paleography.

Francesca Coscia (Italy)

  • English Studies, MA, Università degli Studi di Napoli, L’Orientale, 2019
  • English and Japanese Studies, BA, Università degli Studi di Napoli, L’Orientale, 2014

Germanic philology represented a core subject in my linguistic studies, and my research focused on the afterlife in Norse paganism (BA) as well as on working on an Italian translation of the Strengleikar (MA). I am very interested in the reception of chivalric romance in Scandinavia (riddarasögur), as well as in paleography.

Miguel Diogo Andrade (Portugal)

  • Medieval History, MA, Universidade de Lisboa, 2020
  • History, BA, Universidade de Lisboa, 2015

My research interests lie in the study of the marvelous and the medieval imagination, mostly relating to northern European cultures. For my master’s thesis in Portugal, I studied the portrayal of dragons in fornaldarsögur and riddarasögur. I have also previously written on the Physiologus, bestiaries and animal symbolism.

Yuki Minamisawa (Japan)

  • Language and Culture, Ph.D., Osaka University, 2018
  • Language and Culture, MA, Osaka University, 2015
  • Central and Northern European Studies, Swedish, BA, Osaka University, 2011

My field of study is linguistics and North Germanic languages which have always been my passion. I am looking forward to exposing myself to the world of the Icelandic language and culture.