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MIS Graduate Students 2018-2019

Medieval Icelandic Studies & Viking and Medival Norse Studies orientation meeting August 24, 2018. — See also our graduate students in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies.

Jane Eleanor Kern (US)

  • German Studies/History, BA, Whitman College, 2018

As an undergraduate, I studied history, with a concentration in African History, as well as German language and culture. I am excited to explore ideas of orality and early literacy through the Old Icelandic texts, particularly those relating to religion and conversion narratives.

Lea Debora Pokorny (Austria)

  • Scandinavian Studies, BA, University of Vienna, 2016

During my undergraduate, I studied Scandinavian linguistics, culture, and history. For the past two years, I have been focusing on the medieval period and found my passion for the field of manuscript studies, in which I hope to write my MA-thesis.

Mario Alejandro Murillo (Colombia)

  • Philology and French, BA, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2015

I come from a philology background, mainly focused on romance and germanic languages. I have an interest in the property in 'stateless' commonwealth Iceland as a cause for conflict in medieval Icelandic texts.