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M.Phil. Degree

A PhD student may be offered the M.Phil degree if they or their committee judge that the student cannot complete their degree during the planned time (cf. the more detailed conditions laid out in Article 69, item 19 in the Regulations for the University of Iceland no. 569-2009).

The doctoral committee recommends to the doctoral studies committee in the faculty or school that the student end their studies and receive the option of receiving an M.Phil. degree.

If the doctoral studies committee accepts the doctoral committee's recommendation, the student has 12 months from the doctoral studies committee's decision to complete a thesis or project that, in the judgment of a specially appointed evaluator, meets the requirements for the M.Phil. degree.

Study requirements for an M.Phil. Degree

The student must complete an M.Phil thesis that consists in one published article or in a detailed essay (monograph). The faculty can also require that the student complete certain courses. 

An evaluator determines whether the final project satisfies the requirements for the M.Phil. degree. He/She must hold a Ph.D. and work outside the School in which the student is enrolled. 

In other regards the specific School's rules on longer masters degrees, i.e. those more than 30 ECTS, apply to the M.Phil. degree.