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POSTPONED: University Concert: Elín Hall

POSTPONED: University Concert: Elín Hall - Available at University of Iceland
Wed, 14/02/2024 - 12:15 to 13:00


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The concert with Elín Hall will be postponed until further notice.

Elín Hall has entered the Icelandic music scene with a lot of energy, and the word is that her album from last year, "heyrist í mér", was the pop album of that year. She is adorned with powerful lyrics that deal with the existence of women in the present day, as Elín belongs to the current wave of strong, characterful female singers, which includes e.g. Briet, GDRN and Una Torfa.

The concert will take place on Wednesday, February 14, and the performances will start at 12.15 The place is Edda, and it is located on Arngrímsgata next to the National and University Library of Iceland. The concert will also be streamed and it will be possible to watch it later in recorded form. Whether you are in the city, in the countryside or out in the world, you can enjoy the beautiful tones of the University Concert Series and experience the atmosphere at University. All welcome to the venue and entry free of charge.

The university concert series began with a new focus in the fall of 2020 and has attracted artists of all kinds. The concerts have all been streamed in style and recordings can be accessed here:

The coordinator of the concert series and artistic director is Dr. Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen. He says he supports the slogan "University for all - Music for all" and is reflected it in the program.

The first University Concert this year will have an innovative feel. First of all, they will be held in the newly inaugurated Edda, but in addition they will be held in special collaboration with Equality Days that take place at the University of Iceland and other universities in the country.

University Concert: Elín Hall