University of Iceland

Viking and Medieval Norse Studies

A two-year Nordic Master’s Programme that offers an interdisciplinary approach to Viking and Medieval Scandinavia.

Icelandic as a second language

Studies in Icelandic as a second language are an excellent choice for students who want to improve their practical and/or academic skills in Icelandic.

School of Humanities

School of Humanities

The University of Iceland offers diverse academic programmes in the humanities, and is the only university in the country offering programmes at all levels within the humanities. The School of Humanities comprises four faculties: Faculty of Languages and Cultures; Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies; Faculty of Icelandic and Comparative Cultural Studies; and Faculty of History and Philosophy. While each faculty constitutes a separate academic unit, students can choose to pursue a subsidiary subject, or individual courses, not only in other programmes within the respective faculty, but also in other faculties, or even at other schools within the university. Further information for new students.

Introduction for new students

An Orientation Week for International Students is held at the beginning of the semester. The aim of the Orientation Week is to introduce students to education, practicalities and life at the University of Iceland. It is also to help you familiarize yourself with the campus, meet poeple and find out where to get assistance. For further information on the orientation week.

Icelandic Studies for international students

The School of Humanities has a great deal to offer both exchange and regular international students. Among the main attractions is the BA-programme in Icelandic as a second language and the MA-degree in Medieval Icelandic Studies (taught in English).

Icelandic as a second language comprises two main sections: a language component, where students receive instruction and training in writing, speaking and understanding modern Icelandic, and a cultural component, which deals with the language, literature and history of Iceland.

Medieval Icelandic Studies is aimed at providing postgraduate students with the necessary tools to study Old/Medieval Icelandic texts in the original and in their manuscript context, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary study.


Research intitutions strengthen the institutional framework for research, coordinate the activities of the different research institutes active within the School, and facilitate research collaboration with scholars and institutes at other universities.

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