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Distance education

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Subjects and courses

For information on faculties and subjects where distance study courses are offered, please see the Course Catalogue.

Application and registration

For new students, the application deadline for distance education at the undergraduate and graduate level is the same time as the general application deadline, i.e. 1st February for the coming academic year. Registration takes place via the on-line application form.

Students already enrolled at the University can, when approriate, sign up for distance education during course registration review or by contacting the Student Registration for assistance, e-mail

Start of teaching

Distance classes generally start at the same time as on-campus classes. School websites provide information on start of teaching, as well as information on teaching in specific faculties. Also see overview of teaching semesters in the Course Catalogue.

Centre for Teaching and Learnig and the Computer and Media Centre

The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides information regarding tecnical support, mainly serving teachers. At the School of Education, the Computer and Media Centre provides technical support to distance students.Students that need further information regarding distance education at the University should contact

Student and Career Counselling

The University Student Counselling and Career Centre is the first destination of many students considering university studies. All students, including distance learners, have access to educational counselling. Student counselling includes:

  • Counsel regarding programme selection
  • Counsel regarding work methodology for university studies
  • Personal and psychological counsel
  • Counsel and resources due to disabilities and special needs
  • Career counselling and counsel regarding job application preparation

National Library

Distance learners registered at the University of Iceland have the same rights and duties as other university students in regards to the National and University Library of Iceland, which aims at providing distance learners with comparable services.

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