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Study facilities and computer labs

ImageComputer labs

University of Iceland Computer Services (RHI) operates 18 computer labs on campus. Computer labs are also located in the university buildings in Stakkahlíð and the Centre for Sports and Health Sciences at Laugarvatn. All students enrolled at the University of Iceland are allocated a personalised student dashboard on the university web system, where the status of their registration, information from lecturers etc. is accessible. Further information and instructions are available on the UI Computer Services website.


Study facilities

Study facilities at the National and University Library of Iceland in the Þjóðarbókhlaða include around 400 desks,  in addition to numerous desks with personal computers, microform readers and work stations in the Audiovisual department. Furthermore, there are group workrooms on levels 3 and 4. The library in Stakkahlíð, which is a specialised library in the field of pedagogy, education and care, also provides study facilities and desks with personal computers. The Centre for Sport and Health Sciences library at Laugarvatn specialises in sports and health sciences and provides study facilities, group work facilities and desks with personal computers.

Gimli houses good study facilities for students, as well as a computer lab.

National and University Library branches and specialist libraries in other university buildings also provide a few seats reserved for students. Furthermore, rooms 104, 105 and 106 in Oddi, room 205 in Lögberg, room 311 in Árnagarður and room 111 in the Main Building are open weekdays as reading rooms. Good facilities are available in buildings on the Stakkahlíð campus; reading rooms will be identified in particular. Classrooms at the Centre for Sport and Health Sciences are used as study facilities after lessons are through; a computer lab and three group workrooms with personal computers are open daily.

Additional study facilities in student housing at Eggertsgata are available for residents.



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