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Academia and multiculturalism

About Academia and multiculturalism

The University of Iceland strives to encourage education, research and support for informed discourse on multiculturalism. So in the autumn of 2015, a working group was established, comprising representatives from all University schools, the central administration and the student body. Its scope quickly grew. The working group was conceived as a forum for gathering expertise within UI in the field of multicultural studies with the aim of building bridges and spreading the knowledge that UI has to offer. The group works under the name of 'Academia and multiculturalism' and focuses on issues relating to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

MA thesis research grants: Immigration, migration and refugees


Research in multiculturalism

Ása Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir, doctoral student at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences
There has been little discussion of the migration of Nepalese women between c...

Academia and multiculturalism - conference

The conference Academia and Multiculturalism 2016 is a series of seminars that began this autumn under the same title. Three seminars have taken place already. The first seminar in the series discussed multiculturalism, politics and the media, the second discussed education and multiculturalism and the third the situation in Syria – hundreds of thousands of Syrians have applied for asylum in Europe since the conflict began Recordings of all the seminars are available on YouTube.

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