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Welcome to the Faculty of Odontology

The Faculty of Odontology is one of six faculties at the University of Iceland School of Health Sciences.

In 1945 teaching in odontology commenced under the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Iceland.The Faculty of Odontology has been an independent faculty within the University of Iceland since 1972.

The Faculty offers a six year programme in odontology, leading to a candidatus degree, and a three year BS programme in Dental Technology. The Faculty also offers MS and PhD programmes in odontology. A number of students commences the undergraduate programmes each academic year, however at the end of the first semester a number of examinations with a numerus clausus are held, and only the top 5 students in Dental Technology and top 7 candidatus students are allowed to continue to the second term of the course. Courses are taught in Icelandic, however, most textbooks are in English.

Peter Holbrook

Caries, Cavities and Genetics

Most people nowadays are familiar with the pedagogic message that sugar, soft drinks and unhealthy lifestyle choices damage teeth. This message is still valid; and not just for the youth. However, recent research indicates that genetics are a significant factor in bad dental health.

Peter Holbrook, Professor at the Faculty of Odontology, has in recent years been working on a study aimed at discovering correlations between genetics and risk for damaged teeth and / or enamel deterioration. Potential genetic protection for certain types of dental diseases is also being sought in the research.


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