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Students enrolled at the University of Iceland can review their timetable in Ugla, the intranet, by clicking "My timetable".

Below is a list of the university's schools and faculties with links to faculty information sites regarding timetables. See also common abbreviations.

(Timetables will be accessible as the start of the autumn (or spring) semester approaches.)

School of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Faculty of Social Work

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Political Science

Faculty of Business Administration

School of Health Sciences

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Odontology

School of Humanities

Faculty of Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Faculty of Icelandic and Comparative Cultural Studies

Faculty of History and Philosophy

School of Education

Faculty of Sports, Social Education and Leisure Studies

Faculty of Teacher Education

Faculty of Education Studies

School of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty of Earth Sciences

Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty of Physical Sciences

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Common timetable abbreviations:

A = University Main Building [Aðalbygging Háskólans]

Að = University Main Building [Aðalbygging Háskólans]

AR = Árnagarður

Á = Árnagarður

As = Askja Natural Sciences Building

G = Gimli
H = University Cinema [Háskólabíó]

HB = University Cinema [Háskólabíó]

HA = Hagi, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences building

HT = University Centre [Háskólatorg]

L = Lögberg

Miðjan = University Cinema groundfloor hall

N = Askja Natural Sciences Building

Ná = Askja Natural Sciences Building

NG = Nýi garður

O = Oddi

T = Centre for Technical Innovation [Tæknigarður]

V = VRII, Offices and classrooms for the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences

VR-I = VR-I, Physics and chemistry laboratories

UI buildings (overview, map, opening hours)

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