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Examination Rules

Nemendur í tölvuDuring examinations specific rules apply regarding communication, identification documents, aids, etc. The following instructions are printed on the inside cover of the examination answer books:



  1. The examination table should be empty except for the examination materials, student’s ID, writing instruments and the aids authorised in each case.
  2. A student who has mistakenly brought any unauthorised aids into the examination room must immediately hand these to the proctors.
  3. Students must not remove any examination materials. This applies to all materials, including scratch paper.
  4. Use of communication devices is not permitted during examinations. Students must turn off their mobile phones and leave them in their outerwear or bags in the storage area of each room, or hand them to the proctors (invigilators) for safekeeping while the examination is in progress.
  5. Pencil cases shall be kept on the floor, under the examination table.
  6. Students shall have their photo ID readily available for the proctors. (Proctors will check IDs and fill in an attendance roster.)
  7. Students are not permitted to leave the examination room during the first third part of  the examination time.
  8. Any communication with other examination candidates or persons outside the examination venue is forbidden during the examination.
  9. Please inform the proctors if you witness other students breaking these rules.
  10. Consumption of tobacco or food is not permitted during an examination.
  11. Examination candidates shall leave the examination venue as soon as they have completed their examination.
  12. Violations of these rules are subject to expulsion from the examination or the course, as appropriate, as well as sanctions provided for in current legislation and regulations for the University of Iceland.

Further examination provisions are found in the Rules for the University of Iceland. For example, Article 58 addresses examination procedures and rules:

"The University Director of Examinations shall handle the preparation and direction of examinations in consultation with the administrative staff of schools and faculties.

Students taking examinations may not assist other examinees in completing the examination paper or seek help from others in so doing. Nor may a registered student, who is not taking an examination, provide such assistance. Persons taking examinations may not speak to one another, nor may they bring books, materials or equipment with them other than those authorised by the instructor(s), unless otherwise specifically provided for in the faculty rules. The same shall apply to other assignment work by students unless otherwise decided by the instructor. A violation of the provisions of this and other examination rules, adopted by the Council, shall be liable to expulsion from the examination hall and, as the case may be, sanctions as provided for in Article 19 of the Act on Public Higher Education Institutions, no. 85/2008 [.pdf].

Students shall mark their examination papers with an examination number, allocated to each student by the student registry, and the grades published using the same identification. Faculties may, however, set rules for the exemption from this principle.

The University Council shall adopt detailed rules on examination supervision and implementation of examinations."

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