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About the Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing is a progressive faculty within the School of Health Sciences at the University of Iceland. In total more than 600 students are enrolled at the faculty in both undergraduate and graduate programmes. Programme offerings at the Faculty of Nursing include a four year B.S. programme in nursing, various specialisations on the graduate level, as well as doctoral programmes. All courses are taught in Icelandic.

Sóley_BenderCreative collaboration between students and teachers

Graduates in nursing are independent, show initiative and have critical thinking skills Clinical education in the Faculty of Nursing can raise many questions relating to health problems, treatment and results, which require a common solution. In fact, all projects that students in clinical studies work on involve creative student-teacher collaboration. Research projects, which are in their nature very creative, involve a lot of cooperation between student and supervisor," says Sóley S. Bender, Professor at the Faculty of Nursing.

Undergratudate programmes

Graduate programmes

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